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7 Unique Gift Ideas

Unique gifts are often some of the most treasured unique photo gift ideas you could give. However, what exactly is a “unique gift”? And how can you determine the right gift for someone to give as a gift?

These original gift ideas can help you make the right decision.

Photograph collage. You can go through your digital photos to find the most fascinating ones and print them out. Finally, mount them on card and place them into a frame that matches the photos.
You can make a lasting gift with hand-painted pottery. If you have children, hand painted pottery can be a treasured gift. Children will enjoy creating their masterpieces and the joy they bring to the person who receives them. Kits can be purchased online from places that don’t have hand-painted pottery studios nearby.
Create a scrapbook to record the year. This is a more versatile gift that the photo collage, but it takes you longer to compile. You can include photos, written comments and even individual drawings. If you’re really creative, you might even make a few pop-ups for the scrapbook.
Make a dvd. Microsoft’s Photo Story program is free and can be downloaded. This DVD is one that everyone will see and it’s a lot more exciting than those holiday slide shows as a child.
A piece of bespoke jewellery is more expensive than any of the above options. It is important to research this before you make your decision.
A thoughtful gift idea that makes a memorable impression is adventure experiences You can give them everything, from driving 4x4s across muddy country to activities that are water or air-based. You may find the person you’re buying the gift is more relaxed if they enjoy cooking or meditation.
You can give someone one minute of your time. This might sound bizarre, but it is an unusual gift. See the resource link for more details.