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Proper Installation Of Hardwood Flooring

Installation of hardwood floors require careful. Everything from the length and moisture of the nails should be considered. Installation can be tedious and professionals are available to help. Even though many pros are available to help, it’s important to be familiar with the basics in order to make sure your dream floors are properly installed.

For protection, today’s hardwood floors are being treated and coated in chemical coatings. But before installing it, you will need to leave it for a few days in your storage or garage to allow the wood to adjust and adjust to humidity.

Tools and materials

You will require staples and pneumatic nails guns. It is important to ensure that the cleats are properly marked for use with the nail guns you have. Dallas Hardwood flooring should be installed with the nails not too tight. This will allow the wood to expand naturally and prevent squeaking. It shouldn’t also be too loose. The nails should be held in place by being just right. The proper fitting of boards requires a mallet.


Sub layers are necessary to prevent floors from squeaking. It serves as a support for staples or nails. For the sub-layer, plywood and asphalt felt are common. The sub-layer may be made of old wooden floors.


It is important to measure correctly in order to achieve the best appearance.


Installation is a repetitive job. Boards should be laid out correctly one at a time. Before nailing, you should angle the nails 45 degrees. Avoid making mistakes when nailing boards to avoid possible cracks and dents.