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Non-Wooden Cladding has many benefits

There are so many options available to you if you’re looking for exterior siding. There are no longer any wood cladding options. Many homeowners are pleased to have seen the end of those days. Why? Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more.

Wood cladding remains one of the most popular cladding options. However, it does have its downsides. Wood cladding is susceptible to many problems. Wood cladding can attract insects such as termites which can cause serious damage.

Because exterior cladding serves only one purpose, it protects the structure from water, damp, extreme heat, and cold. A damaged cladding could result in loss of protection, or even the destruction of the structure.

Wood cladding can be expensive to paint or stain. You will also have to repeat the process many times over time. Wood can become a colony of moss or algae that can cause rot. Wood cladding is also vulnerable to fire.

Many homeowners still choose wood-cladding for their homes. This is because it’s beautiful. You can choose from many different stain and plain colors. The installation is simple, it’s biodegradable, and it doesn’t require any preservatives. Wood cladding can invite the problems we discussed above if it isn’t protected with preservatives.

There are many benefits to non-wooden siding, compared with wooden. Aluminum siding, for instance, is fireproof and long-lasting. It’s also a good choice for structures in coastal and other high-humidity locations. Steel cladding can be used in areas where hailstorms are common. Metal cladding can also be painted, as with wood.

Non-wooden claddings also have the advantage of being low-maintenance. Vinyl cladding does not require staining or repainting as wood cladding. It can be easily maintained using soap and water.

Non-wooden exterior cladding can be made in many different materials. In fact, the final appearance will depend on the imagination and creativity of the installer. Many businesses love the appearance of brick and stone exterior cladding. Exterior stucco cladding will evoke a Mediterranean or tropical feeling.